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Independent Selection Committee

The Independent Selection Committee (ISC) is a group of military veterans that actually decide which nominees are inducted into the NCMVHOF each year. This committee is made of individuals appointed by the NCMVHOF board of directors to represent them in the selection process. Each Board of Director member appoints one military veteran to the ISC. Only the NCMVHOF secretary knows each of the members of this “secret” committee. The ISC members do not know each other, they never see each other and they never talk as a group. Each board member knows only his or her appointee and has absolutely no say as to who is selected for induction.

All communication between the secretary and the ISC is done by computer or telephone individually. The ISC never meets as a group nor do they consult their board representative about the selection process. The secretary will provide each committee member the same information on each inductee. That information is restricted to the nomination write up. They do not receive a picture nor any gender or race information other than the person’s name and any pronouns in the write up prepared by the nominator, such as she or he etc.


The ISC members are given a rating sheet on each nominee. When the rating has been completed, the sheets are sent to the secretary  for review for correctness in awarding points. Once that is confirmed the executive committee then checks to see if there any irregularities in the different members scoring. If any discrepancies are noted (for example all high scores for one nominee except for one member) the Board of Directors reserves the right to correct a nominee’s standing. Once the process has played out, then and only then will the nominees, nominators and ISC find out who has been selected for induction.

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