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The North Carolina Military Veterans Hall of Fame was established in December of 2016.


After common dialogue of exploring a way to honor our veterans other than just on Veteran's Day, the vision become a mission in August during the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. During research, it was discovered that there were Military Veteran's Halls of Fame in several other states, but North Carolina was not one of them.

After praying and consulting with other veterans, the need for a North Carolina Veteran's Hall of Fame was confirmed, that it is such a project that would require true determination and commitment to establish it. After contacting the Founder of the Georgia Military Veteran's Hall of Fame, to study their lessons and seek counsel, were inspiration to move forward with this initiative.

The NCMVHOF will serve as a way for the legacies of North Carolina heroes of our Armed Forces to live on: not only in their immediate family, but to be on display for the public to see and be educated on a daily basis.  This was the motivation to create such an entity.


In December 2016, Articles of Incorporation was filed and registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State.


During the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in August of 2017, the Honorable Jennifer Roberts, Mayor, City of Charlotte issued a proclamation authorizing August 3. 2017 as the official "North Carolina Military Veterans' Hall of Fame Day". 


Now, Therefore, I, Roy Cooper, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim October 14, 2017, as "NORTH CAROLINA MILITARY VETERANS HALL OF FAME DAY" in North Carolina, and commend its observance to all citizens. With that, we hope to have a wide selection of veteran's service organizations and the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs assisting in our quest to recognize some of our worthy veteran candidates.

Through the assistance of veterans organizations and numerous individuals, up to 25 great North Carolina military heroes will be inducted in our inaugural ceremony in May of 2018 and became the first class of the NCMVHOF. Every year following, 15 more veterans will be inducted at an annual Induction Ceremony.

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